How it Works: Parent & Child

How It Works, Parent & Child

Time to learn how to offer your own parent & child music classes. Remember, this is basically a structured series of songs with activities that have educational benefits.

Parent & child music classes generally last around 45 to 50 minutes. And you will have about 12 to 14 songs in that time frame.

It is best to follow a similar overall structure each week. Children and their parents/caregivers love repetition, and a familiar framework and flow will help them feel safer to participate and more likely to behave. And this structure will have a tried and true “flow”.

You can plug in the songs based on the structure and everything will work. You can make adaptations by adding, removing, or swapping out songs.

The following is an example of a 45 minute music class schedule by activity.

Adapt Within the Structure:

We will go over adaptation in more depth soon. But at the moment it is important to know that the middle songs are the most flexible. Remember, it is important to keep a good flow. And it is important to repeat songs and activities from the previous week. Children love consistency.

Also, you can play with the overall structure to have it fit your teaching situation and style, but again remember the importance of consistent structure and flow.

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