How it Works: Songs, Activities and Educational Benefits

How it Works: Songs, Activities, and Educational Benefits

Preschool music classes and parent & child music classes can be seen as a structured series of songs with activities that achieve educational benefits.

You can simply choose the songs and activities, and then the educational benefits will flow naturally. Or you may choose your intended educational benefits first, and then select songs and activities to achieve them.

Some songs have many possible activities and work with several different props. You can use the same song to do different activities on different days.  

Each 20-25 minute preschool class includes about 6 to 9 songs/activities. Each parent & child class includes 10 to 14 songs/activities.

Some songs/activities occur at a consistent time in each class such as the hello and goodbye song. Other songs/activities and props occur at different times on different days.

In this section we will show you the activities and props that are often used in preschool and parent & child classes. And we will train you on all The Learning Groove songs and activities form our six CD set.  

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